About Pratt County

About Pratt County
Pratt was founded in 1884 and named after Caleb S. Pratt, a young Civil War officer from the Kansas Infantry. Agriculture, manufacturing, energy production, transportation and logistics, and healthcare are the industry sectors driving the Pratt economy.

The City of Pratt is the county seat of Pratt County and is located 80 miles west of Wichita, Kansas. Pratt County is also home to the smaller communities of Sawyer, Coats, Iuka, Cullison, Preston, and Byers. Agriculture, oil and gas production, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and healthcare are the industry sectors driving the Pratt economy.

Pratt Unified School District 382 and Skyline Unified School District 438 are the primary school districts serving Pratt County. Both districts are excellent and offer pre-school and after school program options in addition to grade K-12 services. Pratt is also home to Pratt Community College which provides excellent workforce training and technical degree programs for the region.

Golf in Pratt County

Park Hills Golf Course & Country Club is an 9-hole course with clubhouse, pro shop, cart rental, swimming and fine dining. Numerous tournaments for members and guests are held annually at the Park Hills Country Club.
Call (620) 672-7541
for golf and dining information.

Seidel's is a nine-hole public golf course located three miles north on Highway 61 and 3- 3/4 miles east.
Call (620) 672-6263

Medical & Health Facilities

Pratt Regional Medical Center is the region’s premiere hospital.  A few of the many services offered locally are:

Ambulatory Care
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Emergency Services
Family Birth Suites
Home Health Care
Intensive Care Unit
Laboratory Services
Occupational Therapy
Oncology Services
Outpatient Services
Pharmacy Services
Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Services
Radiology Services
Sleep Medicine Clinic
Speech-Language Pathology
Surgical Services

Additionally, the community is served by multiple dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists.

Regional Attractions

The City of Pratt is proud of its 270 acres of parks and recreation facilities. The largest park in Pratt, Lemons Park, is approximately 117 acres and has a nature trail, wood sculptures, pond, shelter houses, gazebo, lighted walking path, and much more.

Pratt County is also home to two Golf Courses, Pools, Parks, a Tennis Complex, Walking Paths, a Frisbee Golf Course, Pratt County Lake, the Green Sports Softball/Baseball Complex, Pratt Recreation Commission activities, Community Concerts, Music Theatre productions, the Pratt County Historical Museum, the WWII B-29 Museum, the Pratt Kansas  Department of Wildlife and Parks Museum, the Delmar Riney Art Gallery, the Vernon Filley Art Museum, the Pratt Public Library, the Pratt Teen Center, the Blythe Family Fitness Center, and many churches of all denominations.

Pratt County Fishing/Hunting/Wildlife

Hunting: The Pratt area and surrounding counties offer some of the richest hunting opportunities in the state. Bird hunting opportunities include pheasant, quail, dove, duck, turkey, and Canadian goose.

Turkey and large deer hunting is some of the best in the state. Many people drive hundreds of miles to hunt the large bucks and other wild game in Pratt County. Hunting requires the purchase of the appropriate hunting license and/or game tag from the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism.

Fishing: Sport fishing species include small and largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, striper, wiper and walleye. Fishing regulations on the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Fishing website.

Pratt Sandhills & Texas Lake: These wildlife areas have unique sand prairie habitats. The marshy areas and draws attract waterfowl and shorebirds, while a variety of mammals and reptiles can be found area wide.

Pratt County Utilities


In Pratt County, you will find low-cost, high-reliability utilities.

Available Generation Capacity: 7,000 Megawatts
Reserves: Approximately 18% to 20% of Capacity Reserves (Megawatts)
Reliability: 99.974% – Outages generally occur in residential (non-business) areas.

Electricity Providers: The City of Pratt and Ninnescah Rural Electric Cooperative.


Natural Gas

Large volume natural gas customers purchasing open market commodity gas can obtain transportation (delivery) at very affordable rates. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Kansas had the 6th lowest industrial natural gas total delivered cost among the 50 states in 2015 at $4.24 per MCF (MM BTU.) The range of costs among the states was $2.89 to $19.03, with a national average of $3.91 -- so Kansas is very competitive.

Natural Gas Provider: Kansas Gas Service


Water Provider

Principal Sources: The City of Pratt is supplied by ten wells and uses no surface water for its water supply. Chlorine injection is only treatment applied. The City of Pratt has a water capacity of 8.4 million gallons of water per day (MGD) with current average demand around 1.1 MGD.

The water distribution system has a total of ten water wells and 42 miles of water main. The city does not operate a water treatment facility because the raw well water is of such quality as to only require minimal disinfecting treatment at each well. A 750,000 gallon water storage tower and a 500,000 gallon water storage tower serve as storage tanks and pressure mechanisms to supply an average water pressure of 62 PSI. The water level in the water tower is raised and lowered by the use of radio and computer equipment located at the Water Department and the water tower.

Reserves: The City of Pratt has 1536 acre feet (500,507,794 gallons) in vested right wells and 1357 acre feet in appropriated rights wells for a total of 2893 acre feet (442,180,388 gallons).

Water Providers: City of Pratt or Private Water Well