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Economic Development

Kansas county map
Pratt County on Kansas map with a pin

Pratt County has a population of 9,656 and is strategically located at the junction of highways US 54/400, US 281, and K-61. Pratt is the area’s regional center for shopping, medical care, higher education, cultural activities, outdoor recreation, agriculture, and industry.   Pratt has an abundance of land and available sites for industrial or retail expansion. Pratt is a regional trade center for a 50 mile radius with a trade pull factor of 1.44. Pratt County has a diverse workforce and an education pipeline that is designed to meet any employer’s needs.  Pratt Community College is a great partner to new industry and able to work with employers to develop customize programs to meet their needs.

We understand that our existing businesses made a choice to locate in Pratt County, and we want to thank them for investing in Pratt County by helping them stay strong and grow in manageable, sustainable ways.